“GWRRA is an informal educational, social organization of proud, unique and special people – Gold Wing Owners. It was formed for people to exchange ideas, share safety information relating to motorcycling and motorcyclists, educate the non-motorcycling public concerning motorcycling problems and participate in impromptu rides. In addition, it supports the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and assists all motorcyclists in achieving and/or improving public acceptance of motorcyclists. GWRRA is a family-oriented organization, without political or religious affiliations or influence and supports civic, local, police, charity, and government organizations. GWRRA publishes and distributes Wing World and other media which will inform, educate, entertain and enlighten our Members and Officers”.

GWRRA Acronyms

CD/ACD - Chapter Director/Assistant Chapter Director

CE/ACE - Chapter Educator/Assistant Chapter Educator

CHOY - Chapter Of the Year

COY - Couple Of the Year

DD/ADD - District Director/Assistant District Director

DE/ADE - District (Rider) Educator/Assistant

District Educator

DME - District Membership Enhancement Coordinator

LTI/LTP - Leadership Training Instructor/Leadership Training Program

MEC/MEP - Membership Enhancement Coordinator/Membership Enhancement Program

MUT - Master University Trainer

OCP - Officer Certification Program

PLP/PLPF - Parking Lot Practice/Parking Lot Practice Facilitator

PRC - Public Relations Coordinator

R&R - Recruiting and Retention Coordinator

REP - Rider Education Program

SI - Seminar Instructor

SIG - Special Interest Group

SUT - Senior University Trainer

UT - University Trainer

UTDP - University Trainer Development Program


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Assistant District Directors
Dale & Georgeanna Tritsch

Kansas District

Senior District Advisors
Jack & Doris Schoeck

Kansas District Directors
Bill  & Sarah Watts

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Oct 9, 2019
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Assistant District Directors
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