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Nov 19  2018
Special Notice
Mid Winter

2019 Educational Days

Your Kansas Rider Education Team has set the dates for the riding courses in 2019. 

The Riding Courses
    (see the Rider Education Course Schedule below)

All the riding courses will be in Wichita at the Wichita Water Department Parking Lot.

To enroll in any of the riding classes email Bill Tucker at wtucker1@cox.net. Once you enroll you will receive detailed information about the course you chose.

Fees are $25.00 for GWRRA members and $40.00 for non-members. Paid at time of registration.

As always, we encourage the riders to bring their Co-Rider with them. They get credit for participating if they are in the Levels program and they pay zero for their attendance.

Rick Steven, Bob Brown and Bill Tucker are looking forward to having you join us in one or more of the sessions.
                                    ‘Practice Makes Permanent! You are what you Practice!”

Bill Tucker, Sr. District Educator
MSF & GWRRA Certified Instructor

Course Designations

traditional 2-wheel motorcycles (ARC)
most styles of trikes (TRC)
motorcycles with the add-on kits (AORC and sidecar rigs (SRC)
two wheel (TC) and three wheel motorcycles (TTRC) pulling trailers.
2-wheel Recertification class (ARC-R) and a 3-wheel Recertification class (TRC-R)

MSF experienced rider course (BRC2)

2019 Course Schedule

April 20th : Trike Riding Course (TRC). Registration 7:30am, class starts 8:00am. This course includes a Classroom and Range exercises. (Send me a message and I will message you the location of the classroom.)

May 4th:   BRC2, two wheel experience Riders Course, course Registration at 9:00am at the Wichita Water Department Parking lot, across from  the Indian Center 650 N Seneca and south of the Wichita Arts Museum 1400 Museum Rd.

May 11th: Trike Trailering Course (TTRC). Registration  at 7:30am, class starts 8:00am at Rick & Carolyn Steven home. (see above for address).

June 8th:  Two Wheel Trailering Course (TC).   Registration at 7:30am at Water Department parking lot. Exercises at 8:00am.  

This is an opportunity to hone your riding skills for the 2019 riding season.

If there is enough interest we will be having a Road Captain Course (RCC) as will. Remember that just because you take the RCC doesn’t mean you are obligated to be a group leader or drag (last bike information). It means you learned how to be a super good group rider. We will do a chapter MFA class, and some of the neat University modules if requested. Bob & I are ITCP certified to present these very informative modules and have fun doing them.

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Rider Ed Schedule