Assistant District Directors
Dale & Georgeanna Tritsch

GWRRA Acronyms

2-Up: Co-Rider participating in a Rider Course

ACD: Assistant Chapter Director ~ person or persons who assist the Chapter Director in the

operation of a GWRRA Chapter.

ACE: Assistant Chapter Educator ~ Assists the Chapter Educator

ADD: Assistant District Director ~ person or persons who assist the District Director in the
operation of a GWRRA District.

ADE: Assistant District Educator ~ Assists the District Educator

AHA: American Heart Association ~ one of the associations that develop first aid and CPR

ARC: Advanced Rider Course ~ a rider course program for two wheel motorcycles and
completing it satisfies one the requirements in the Rider Education Levels Program for Level II
and beyond.

ARC: American Red Cross ~ one of the associations that develop first aid and CPR protocols.

ARD: Assistant Region Director ~ person or person who assist the Region Director.

ARE: Assistant Region Educator ~ assists Region Educator

ARL: Area Run List ~ the list of all members of GWRRA. Distributed for use to help in recruiting
and retention.

ASH: American Safety & Health Institute

BRC: Beginner Rider Course ~ a riding course for individuals wanting to obtain a motorcycle
endorsement (license).

CD: Chapter Director ~ person or persons who lead/oversee the operation of a Chapter.

CE: Chapter Educator ~ Rider educator at the Chapter level.

ChOY: Chapter of the Year ~ One of the “Fun” activities in the Membership Enhancement
program to recognize a Chapter for doing what they do best … have FUN! This is given at the

Chapter/District/Region/International level

CIDM: Certified Instructor Development Module ~ a segment of the Certified Ride
Course Instructor Training

CMAC: Chapter Motorist Awareness Coordinator

CMEC: Chapter Membership Enhancement Coordinator

COT: Certified Officer Trainer ~ a person who has been trained in presenting a specific training
module (Officer Certification (OCP).

COY: Couple of the Year ~ two people who have been selected by a chapter to represent the
chapter for a year. Possibly represent a District/Region/International.

CRC: Canadian Red Cross ~ Similar to the American Red Cross (ARC)

CRS: Co-Rider Seminar ~ a seminar that satisfies a part of the Levels Program for a co-rider

CRV: Co-Rider Video ~ one location to find the information for the co-rider seminar

CTr: Chapter Treasurer ~ person or persons who are “keepers” of the Chapter funds

DD: District Director ~ person or persons who lead/oversee the operation of a District.

DE: District Educator ~ person or persons who are responsible for rider education in a District

DMAC: District Motorist Awareness Coordinator

DMEC: District Membership Enhancement Coordinator

DT: District Trainer ~ person or persons who are responsible for qualified leadership trainers
in a District as well as presenting seminars

DTr: District Treasurer ~ person or persons who are the “keepers” of the District

EMS: Advanced professional provider (not layman) such as EMT, First Responder, Medical
Doctor, or Nurse with certified training.

ERC: Experienced Rider Course ~ a riding course that is part of the Levels Program.

GWRRA: Gold Wing Road Riders Association

ICC: Instructor Certification Course

IDEA Team: Instructional Design, Evaluation and Advisory Team

INST: Instructor

IOY: Individual of the Year ~ a person selected by his/her chapter to represent the chapter for
one year. Possibly represent a District/Region.

KSA: Knowledge ~ Skills ~ Ability

LLYR: Lead Like You Ride ~ A program that teaches, trains, coaches GWRRA members to apply
many riding concepts to leadership in GWRRA. A results driven philosophy of leadership.

LTP: Leadership Training Program ~ now a part of the GWRRA University.

MA: Motorist Awareness

MEC: Membership Enhancement Coordinator

MEP: Membership Enhancement Program ~ the “FUN” of GWRRA (Couple of the Year,
Chapter of the Year, Recruiting and Retention).

MFA: Medic First Aid ~ a CPR/FA course (similar to American Red Cross and American Heart

CPR/FA training).

MOU: Memorandum of Understanding ~ a binding agreement signed by volunteers between
them and GWRRA, Inc. as to the expectations of the volunteers.

MSF: Motorcycle Safety Foundation

OCP: Officer Certification Program ~ a special program that provides information and
knowledge for our GWRRA current, new and potential leaders regarding the workings of

PLP: Parking lot practice ~ a specialized program within Rider Education requiring special
certification to conduct.

RCI: Ride Course Instructor ~ certified to instruct rider range courses.

RCICP: Riding Course Instructor Certification Program ~ a required process to become a Ride
Course Instructor.

RCIT: Riding Course Instructor Training

RD: Region Director ~ person or persons who mentor District Directors and oversee a group
(region) of Districts.

RE: Region Educator ~ person or persons who are responsible for Rider Education in a Region

REP: Rider Education Program ~ is intended to make the motorcycle riding environment safer by
reducing injuries and fatalities and increasing motorcyclist skills and awareness. All “on” bike training is the responsibility of the Rider Education Program.

RMAC: Region Motorist Awareness Coordinator

RMEC: Region Membership Enhancement Coordinator

RT: Region Trainer

RTr: Region Treasurer

SJA: St. John’s Ambulance

SRC: Sidecar Rider Course

TC: Trailering Course

TRC: Trike Riding Course ~ a riding course for trike riders that will satisfy one part of the Levels

TTRC: Trikes with Trailers Course

UTDP: University Development Training Program ~ a specialized program of instruction for
new GWRRA University candidates.


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“GWRRA is an informal educational, social organization of proud, unique and special people – Gold Wing Owners. It was formed for people to exchange ideas, share safety information relating to motorcycling and motorcyclists, educate the non-motorcycling public concerning motorcycling problems and participate in impromptu rides. In addition, it supports the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and assists all motorcyclists in achieving and/or improving public acceptance of motorcyclists. GWRRA is a family-oriented organization, without political or religious affiliations or influence and supports civic, local, police, charity, and government organizations. GWRRA publishes and distributes Wing World and other media which will inform, educate, entertain and enlighten our Members and Officers”.

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National Gold Wing Road Riders Association Leadership
Anita and JR Alkire   President and Wingman 445-2680   
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Larry and Penny Anthony   Director of Membership Enhancement 492-9728   
Clara and Fred Boldt   Director of GWRRA University 484-5140   
Randall and Janet Drake   Director of Finance 933-6073   
Mike and Barri Critzman   Director of Motorist Awareness  (760) 486-3405
Dan and Rachel Sanderovich   Executive Director Overseas  (942) 542-300-311