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Chapter Mascot
Bugsy Rabbit
Hopping around to
KS-H member homes
Rider Coordinator
Bill Watts
Hutchinson, KS

Chapter Gatherings:

Time:   Second Saturday of the month

6:00 pm to eat   7:00 pm to meet

Place:  Gambino's Pizza

(some sites and dates for meetings will vary; check the complete list of events below)

310 S Main

South Hutchinson, KS

Chapter  H



KS-H 2018 Calendar

Scheduled gatherings 2nd Saturday of month
(not all months will have a scheduled gathering)
Announcements at end of calendar

    13               Gathering & Bugsy Birthday Party
    19 – 20       Mid Winter 30th Anniv @ Park City
    27               MFA class @ Delos V Smith Senior Center  (10am - 2pm)

    10               Gathering @ KS-P Valentine Dinner

    10               Maint Day @ Watts 9am
    10               Regular Gathering @ Gambino's    

    11               Daylight Saving Time Start
    17               KS Summit Retreat @ Delos V Smith Senior Ctr

    7                 TRC-R at noon
    12 – 14       LA District Rally
    14               Gathering @ KS-F Birthday
    22               BRC2 at 8am
    28 – 29       KS Dist Ride to Bentonville, AR

    5                 TTRC & TC at 7:30am
   12                Regular Gathering @ Gambino's    
   12                BC/TC Rain Day
   17 – 19        TX District Rally
   19                Thunder on the Smoky
   26                KS Dist Leavenworth Ride

    2                 Milford Lake & Resaurant Ride
   14 – 16       KS District Rally in Pittsburg, KS
   30               Watts Cookout  at Watts home

    7                 Bubba's Birthday Bash
   14               Gathering @ Gambino's

   21               McPherson Ice Cream & Bug Run
   27               Evening Burger Run

    4                 Breakfast Ride to Harvest Café in Inman
    11               7pm Sonic Bike Show gathering on 30th in Hutchinson
    25               Yoder Days  
    28 – Sept 1 Wing Ding @ Knoxville, TN

    8                 Oil Museum in El Dorado & Breadbasket in Newton
    9                 Bill Watts Self Defense Class (moved to Mid Winter Rendezvous)
    15               KS District Ride

    22-23          Waterfall Ride  (overnite)
    28 – 30       OK District Rally

    5 – 7           KS District Campout
    18               3rd Thursday downtown Hutchinson
    21               dalet Wiener Roast & gathering 2:30pm

    23               KS-F Soup Supper
    26               KS-A Halloween

    3                 Yoder Thanksgiving
    4                 Daylight Saving Time End
   10                Regular Gathering @ Gambino's

   1                 KS-F/KS-P Christmas
   3                 KS-C Christmas
   8                 Regular Gathering @ Gambino's   
   9                 Genova Italian Restaurant in Newton
   16               KS-H Christmas

2018 KS-H Chow Rides  Possibilities(TBA)
Bread Basket in Newton
Cheddars in Wichita
Connie’s Mexican in Wichita
Cotton Patch in Ardmore, OK
Crazy Horse in Attica, KS
Ellsworth Steakhouse in Ellsworth, KS
Exit 14 in Gypsum, KS
Handle Bar in Great Bend, KS
Twin Peaks in Wichita, KS
(others may be announced)

        *Restaurant Rides will be announced in advanced

         *Spontaneous Rides or Events will be announced in advance

        All members are invited to attend our rides and events, ride or drive

        eMail notices will be sent to KS-H members and District Chapter Directors


Sunshine Lady
Carolyn Colahan
Inman, KS
Newsletter Editor
Ann Whithorn
Salina, KS
Daryl Regier
Moundridge, KS
 Chapter Directors
Dale & Georgeanna Tritsch
Hutchinson, KS
620 921 5941
Dec 11  2018
Special Notice

Individual of the Year
Rhonda Guerrero
Hutchinson, KS
Chapter Couple of the Year
Don & Carma Gray
Hutchinson, KS

Membership Enhancement Coordinator
Kit & Donna Sand
McPherson, KS
Assistant Chapter Directors
Don & Carma Gray
Hutchinson, KS
620 921 0789