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Gold Wing Road Riders Association a Social Organization

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Gold Wing Road Riders Association [GWRRA] is recognized as the world's largest single-marquee for safety, technical, educational and social organization for riders of touring motorcycles.

GWRRA Mission - Dedicated to our Motto; Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge, GWRRA Members enjoy the freedom of belonging to a not-for-profit, non-religious and non-political organization.

GWRRA Values - Friends - GWRRA Members are men and women from all walks of life with varied interests and backgrounds. We have Gold Wing and other touring motorcycle riders of all age groups. Some ride solo and many ride with small and large groups! New Members join GWRRA especially for the technical information we share; some of our Members join for the enjoyment of riding with friends and also meeting new friends. Find your future riding friends with your Region Map.

Fun - As a family organization, GWRRA has certain fun groups to include restaurant, picnic and campout runs. We also have GWRRA groups to include charities, parades, and small or large events across the country. GWRRA Members can participate in live or video seminars through Rider Education Programs.

Safety - We strive for improvement through GWRRA safety workshops. We will share technical expertise, news and tips about riding, maintenance and the best touring routes in the world. Safety is for Life on our GWRRA Rider Education Programs page.

Knowledge - While generalization about a group of individuals as large as today's GWRRA is difficult, GWRRA Members are likely to be independent thinkers, fun-loving, generous, adventuresome, cooperative and unfazed by the natural challenges of riding in the rain, temperature extremes or highway uncertainties. Many Members have completed CPR and first aid training, making them the best-prepared motorcycle riders on the world's highways! Find "CPR and First Aid Training" on our GWRRA Medic First Aid International® Programs.

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Gold Wing Road Riders Associaion

June 1977 – Present (Over 40 years) Phoenix, Arizona Area

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Oct 9, 2019
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